Tuesday, January 15, 2013

February’s Faith Fitness Give-A-Way

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First Class

So Last night was my first night at Taekwondo I went without Logan my best friend stayed at the house with him and played Clue while I attempted to see how much I remembered. I did well, I was surprised. My back is not as sore as I thought it would be but I am glad for that. Just means the therapy worked well. Today, I go for my final session of therapy to finish up and get myself back on track. Now time to work on the weight. I was joking with Logan that I looked like Po the panda. He thought that was funny. The classes are introductory and really good, mostly about getting I re-acclimated with the moves and the technical specifications of things. This just meant a lot of slow motion movements. That was actually really good for me.
I felt great this morning, sore but not like expected, and that gave me hope. Things will get better. Today, we are under severe ice warnings and freeze warnings, and of course the schools wait too long to announce if they are going to be in or out. So my decision was to keep him ‘home’ in this case he is at work with me.
So for today, remember drink water, eat healthy, and do things that make you happy. That is my update for today.
Keep Pushing. !

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear 2013

Dear 2013,
I am writing you to tell you my goals, to tell you what I expect and tell you what I am GOING to be doing. SO, for the record you need to please keep all those unexpected things to a minimal. I understand if you can’t but I would really appreciate it. On that note, I would like to meet my goal weight this year, I haven’t seen her in awhile, and I miss her. Beautiful, full of life and always full of energy that person is strong, and ready to take on the world. I will meet her again. I also would like to establish a healthier eating habit, I worked really hard last year to get to a better point with this, but as I noticed that during those ‘unexpected’ times I seem to fall again. I want to not do that this year. When things get tough, I want to say no!
I have other personal goals, certifications, accomplishments, etc, that I would like to achieve but those are based on me. So please 2013 be kind to me and let’s get through this together.
Your friend and support,

Ok, so I started this post off with a letter to the year. I want to catch up since things have been so hectic in my life over the last month. I have fallen, which with sickness, holidays and all the other drama that fell on me – it was expected in my vulnerable state. I would like to get to a point where when things like this happen I don’t fall so far. I am able to hold my own and keep a healthy attitude and not just eat away the pain. Yes, I am an eater. I stress I eat. The good thing about it right now is that I am making conscious choices about what I am eating. Trying not to over eat fatting foods, I may eat a whole bag of grapes but is that worse than eating a whole bag of chips? NO, it’s actually an improvement, it may not be idea or the right thing to do but it was a better choice, and that is a step in the right direction.
The weather here is crazy, as they say if you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes it will change again. Hot one day, freezing that afternoon – that is adding to the sickness of people around. I have started taking the Renewal Pack and it actually is helping me feel better, minus the sinus pressure going on, but that is nothing my allergy pill couldn’t handle. So over all, I have felt a ton better since I started taking them 4 days ago.
Many of you are aware of the flu epidemic and illnesses that the CDC is talking about and warning people about. Well, I do not take the flu shot, for personal reasons. So, how to I keep from getting sick or illness, that is the easy part. It’s all common sense.
Wash your hands – a lot. Especially when using the restroom. Think about it.
Use sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and other disposable cleaning items to keep your desk clean. I wipe my desk down AT least once a week, the phone, the keyboard, and mouse, anything that I touch and even stuff I don’t really touch that often, my tape dispenser, etc, because you don’t know who has come by and used it.
Brush your teeth – really this is an everyday hygiene thing but it has more than one purpose.
Drink Lots of water, this keeps your system flushed out and keeps you hydrated.
Take a vitamin or supplement – something to help boost your immune system.

“Just use common sense” – though I know now-a-days this phrase is really meant as “use that rare ability to just do the obvious” please do.
Eating healthy, keeping your home, work area, car, and other items clean all these have an effect on your health.

Mothering rant over

grey active ultra

I am sorry I have neglected things here, as everyone at some point has things in their lives that take precedence, my health was in order. Now that I am back on my feet for a good bit, I plan to stay up. Keep up and get going.

This week will be my start over week. Finishing up physical therapy (crossing fingers) hopefully by Tuesday, on Wednesday I will be starting Taekwondo with my son. I will be working to start a 2-3 times a week workout with them. I hope that it will help motivate me and start me back to working out on my own again as well. I hope to work back up to 5-6 days a week.

I would like to do 3 days of Taekwondo and 3 days of Turbo fire alternating of course to help boost me into a better routine. I am working on the getting to that point.

My down fall is strengthening my back, it will not be right away and I may only be able to do on or the other a few times a week, but I will get back on my feet. I did better this weekend. I was able to get the whole house clean without passing out afterwards from exhaustion, I was tired and achy but not like last weekend. Which is a great improvement and lets me know all my hard work is paying off.

Job changes, home changes, routine changes, and life changes are in order this year. I may be scattered right now but I will get going.

I hope you all are having a great start to your new year, and I will be doing some challenge groups as well as any personal motivational challenges that you would like! Coming up 28 days of February and a few more, keep going and keep pushing!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Goals for Myself!

Hi,Peoples! I'm not sure of how many in this I was in an accident the day after Xmas. I was hit head on by someone who came into a one way the wrong way on a highway. I am OKAY, by back was hurt a little hence I have been taking it easy, they have started me on physical therapy last week, and this week we started the exercises, MAN it sucks. I am feeling better and hoping to have a full recovery soon, I will be Starting my goals for 2013.

I have 3 major goals for this year.

1. I would like to hit my goal weight before the end of the summer

2. I would like to be able to provide more coaching and team building exercises and motivation groups for my friends in fitness as well as everyday life.

3. I would like to join the Taekwondo classes with my son and get fit and healthy with him as well as show him more activities for us to both be involved in.

That is just my top 3 for now, I am hoping to get back up and going soon, as the pain is starting to subside as my back is being pushed back into place. I have a great chiropractor.

That being said, please remember be grateful for what you have and are as none of us have forever. Hitting 2013 Strong-ish :P and hoping for a great start! Keep on Pushing Pandas!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Being Thankful

Sometimes it's the little things and then more than too often the big things that remind you of what to be grateful for. I may be in and out for the next couple of weeks due to some crazy life issues, AKA I was in a car accident yesterday. Physically other than really sore and bruised I am OKAY. After all the insurance and information is settled out I will be going for another car to get back and forth, but I will say my decision on the last one saved my life. The accident was not my fault, there was a person coming into my lane (a one way) the wrong direction and hit me as well as 2 other cars. Mine was the first hit and was head on. Everyone survived, though the driver was taken to the hospital. We are hoping that this person is okay and at 7 am hoping it was not a drunk driving incident (the police seem to not think so) which makes me have concern for this person's health. We all survived and are grateful that no one was seriously injured.
I was even more grateful that my son was not in the car with me when it happened. He is only 8 years old and it gave me nightmares - he doesnt need those.

That being said, making sure I stay healthy and get back on my feet as soon as possible is a goal now. I will stick to my plan to start taekwondo in a couple of weeks. As well as trying to get myself off this holiday eating.

Confession time: I have gained back about 10 lbs due to stress, eating, and not drinking my water like I should. So easy to back slide. I am drinking my shakeology today, got a wheat and ham sandwich with tomato and crackers for a snack. I will give myself about 3 days before I attempt to workout again, I dont want to over do it, as this morning I woke up with lots more aches than I had yesterday.

Mentally I am taking my time, I talked with my son and kissed him good bye as he and my best friend brought me to work. I told them both I love them and tried not to get all boo hoo when they left. This will be my biggest challenge the next few days as well as just riding or driving with anyone. Paul, one of my closest and dearest friends is a great driver but even this morning I was jumpy towards other people, and over aware of just the craziness of how people drive.

Anyway, My advice which I will stick to myself is to rest, take your time and recover - so that when you get back up you are 100% but remember to set a goal. Don't just say when I feel better, say I will try soon, 3 days, 1 week, put a time frame on these things so that you do not fall off the wagon for longer than you intended. Getting back up is the hardest especially when you didnt expect to fall off.

May your new year be filled with fun and delight, and happiness! On January 5th I will be starting a challenge group for any program of your choosing - Sign up you and two friends to join you - I will send you a free gift which includes a shakercup - 3 samples of Beachbody products, and a surprise gift. Sign up all 3 buy Jan 5th and get healthy with friends/Co-workers/Family - Anyone!

Keep Pushing Pandas - Always and Never stop!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Update and Status Report

Well, as you know the 12 days of fitness are officially over, I did not complete all the days, and I did not post for the last day. It was difficult. Only because I felt like I was getting sick and did not have the energy to get up and ‘workout’ this was just excuses. We all do that, especially during the holidays – Now I am paying for it. I have gained some of my weight back. Though I thought I was doing well with eating and balancing everything as even though I wasn’t working out as hard as I should I have learned that I was not. This means only one thing. I need to get off my butt and do what I started out to do. Motivation is not just here for you but also for me.
Resolution time: I have offers to go to parties on New Year’s Eve, but I have decided to do something for me. Logan will be gone to an overnight lock in and I will for the first time in 8 years be without a child for this night, BUT I will take advantage of this. I am thinking an evening of super working out, ending with a healthy snack, and a good night’s rest, then waking up to another workout to start my day off right and then pick the little one up for a day of activities and fun that include working out and doing things that do not involve sitting on the couch. (Which I did a lot of this weekend)
Sitting around and playing board games, and watching movies is not a bad thing but doing it all weekend seems to have put a strain on my physical umph to get up and workout. So on that note, I want to make my resolution to be I will work out every day for at least 30 minutes a day. I am starting the Taekwondo with Logan the second week in January which will help as well that is an hour a day 3 days out of my week, which will help, my motivation will be for the other 4 days to keep it up, whether it’s walking for 30 minutes, yoga, or a HIIT from Chalene, I will do it!
I need you here for motivation. As far as the 12 days of fitness contest, no one won because the only person that commented was my upperline coach, and she was motivating! Need more interaction~! Share gets to talking and commenting – that is the only way it is helpful! Accountability. I hold myself accountable. You should too. That is what I am here for.
Tomorrow is Christmas, I hope everyone has a great holiday!